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"We are building a global rock star company, therefore requesting star talents out there, to express their interest by sending us the resumes & their LinkedIn profiles"

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With offices & associates in California, New York, Canada and India, Protologic has proven expertise and a deep understanding of technology to deliver software engineering services such as software product development, web development, custom programming, and custom application development, to IT consulting services to the enterprises spread across the globe. We work with Enterprises of all sizes including entrepreneurs in designing & developing, maintaining, migrating their mission critical commercial and internal software systems and applications. We develop web applications, web portals, custom software and software testing as well as mobile and tablet application development services.

We are proud to state that we are local, we are global and most importantly we are a reliable IT software partner for all enterprises located specially in US & Canada and globally.

With ongoing relationships with number of firms, we pride ourselves on being a true partner. From Social Media & Internet Marketing to IT software programming we are able to build you a reliable and economical software team for your business.


Senior Developers with strong technical expertise around C#, ASP.NET, Jquery, SQL, SSRS, MVC, Bootstrap, HMTL, CSS, WCF, Web Services, Web API, Entity Framework, TFS, SVN skills needed. Can code well, good with UI designing, db programming, debugging.strong developers who can work well, write strong code, good with database and responsive UI, mvc framework. strong mvc experience preferred, team player, go getter, strong coder/developer with excellent English / comm skills, one man army


Exceptional Programming wizard who can work solo or in Team. Strong .NET, MVC, EF, SQL, JS skills. Must have MVC web application development project expertise. Strong OOPS, DB and front end skills. Decent English communication. Node.JS, Angular, API.


UI Designer with great responsive web and mobile UI creation skills. Expert with HTML5, HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery. Advance level HTML & CSS coding skills, Good knowledge of Photoshop & other design tools. UI / UX Design principle knowldge.


2-6 of experience as a Visual/UI Designer, interaction designer or similar role. Understanding of UX Design principles such as User Experience, Responsive Design, Mobile UI design, Usability and Accessibility. In sync with recent design trends, style.


As a software tester, you’ll play an important role in the development of new web/mobile applications. Once a project reaches a certain stage of development, it’s your role to ensure it works exactly as it should. This role will give you the opportunity to work in variety of industries, business domains and with great technical & functional learnings.


Proficiency in written and spoken English, Preparation of test cases, Execution of tests, Reporting of defects, Preparation of test reports.


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